As of Sept. 11, 2001, Islamic fundamentalist terrorism has taken on a new dimension, with the vicious, barbaric terrorist attack on the U.S. which left thousands upon thousands of innocent men, women and children dead. Unfortunately, for Israel, this is not something new. Click here for a complete list of the Israeli victims of Palestinian terror since the signing of the Oslo "peace" accords in 1993. One particularly severe example of this was the barbaric act committed on October 11, 2000, by a bloodthirsty, frenzied lynch mob which brutally beat, stabbed and shot to death two israeli citizens whose only "crime" was that they had taken a wrong turn... A much more worrisome phenomenon is the Palestinians' use of suicide bombers to take the lives of countless innocent men, women and children, which has of late taken on inordinate proportions, and should be a cause of worry to civilized society the world round. Read about it here. It was recently proven beyond a doubt that Yasser Arafat himself promotes and finances these terror attacks, from documents seized from his office.

In "Q & A", you will find a FAQ in which I address many common questions asked about the Arab-Israeli conflict and some criticisms falsely raised about Israel.

As concerns the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a question that is often asked (and used as justification for the Palestinians' claim to this land), is: whose land is it? The "Palestinians" claim it as theirs. This claim is certainly not based in historical fact, for the Jewish people have had a continuous presence here since ca. 1300 BC, some two thousand years before the Muslim conquests of the 7th century AD saw the arrival of the first Arabs to the area... Read all about it here.

Another important question in the recent conflict: WHO STARTED IT? The Palestinians would have you believe that this entire wave of violence and killing (the so-called "Al Aqsa Intifada") began because one man, Ariel Sharon, went to visit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Sept. 29, 2000--something which is done by hundreds of Jewish, Muslim and Christian visitors every day. However, this visit was COORDINATED with Jibril Rajoub of the Palestinian Authority. Sharon did not enter or even come close to the mosque, nor did he do or say anything that could be considered as offensive to Muslims. However, the Palestinians were looking for an excuse--any excuse--to begin this wave of violence (for reasons clearly explained here), and Ariel Sharon provided that excuse.

One often hears the argument (usually propagated by the Palestinians themselves), "But they're just throwing rocks..." First of all, rocks can also be lethal weapons (rocks thrown at soldiers and civilians in Israel have resulted in several deaths). However, a look at these pictures will debunk the myth that the "innocent Palestinians" are "only throwing rocks"...

What about the innocent children that are getting killed? The death of ANY innocent civilian--especially that of a child--is deplorable. The fact remains, Palestinian children are NEVER killed on purpose by Israelis, while Palestinian terrorist attacks always specifically target innocent Israeli men, women and children, and the Palestinians go into the streets en masse to celebrate these massacres! When Palestinian children are killed (and such news always saddens Israelis), it is because the Palestinians make cynical use of their children as "human shields"--men are often seen firing their automatic assault rifles at Israeli soldiers, while hiding behind children. Golda Meir put it very well when she said, "We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children.... We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us." Click here to read all about the Palestinians' cynical use of children and the education of HATE the Palestinian Authority is providing, and you can also see some shocking pictures and movies of how the Palestinians are actually training their children to hate and fight even before they attain puberty...

Another regrettable phenomenon is the utter bias of the press and the United Nations against Israel (to the point where a senior BBC correspondent in the Gaza strip expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people, announcing that news agencies are "waging the campaign shoulder-to-shoulder with the Palestinian people"! -- read about it here). Israel has consistently complied with agreements reached with the Palestinians, while the Palestinians consistently fail to deliver on any of their promises (read details here). A prime example is the repeated failure of the Palestinians to stop inciting violence (which has been a condition of every agreement). In fact, official Palestinian television and radio constantly calls for "violent resistance" and broadcasts virulent anti-semitic messages, such as a sermon aired from one Friday's prayers calling for all Palestinians to "kill Jews, Americans and Christians everywhere" (read here about the tangled web being weaved by the Palestinians...).

Luckily, not all Arabs blindly blame Israel (read the articles written by Joseph Farah, the Arab-American editor of WorldNewsDaily). If more people like this are allowed to express their opinions, there may yet be a chance for peace...

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This picture of Hajj Amin Al Husseini (1895-1974), the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and important Arab leader, with his "pal" Adolf Hitler says a lot about the true motivation of the Palestinians. The Mufti supported the Nazis, and especially their program for the mass murder of the Jews. He visited numerous death camps and encouraged Hitler to extend the "Final Solution" to the Jews of North Africa and Palestine. In 1946 he escaped to Egypt.