FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I often hear questions asked about the Arab-Israeli conflict, or criticisms falsely raised about Israel's actions and policies--sometimes these questions are innocent and based in ignorance, but sometimes they are of malicious intent. To find out more about some of these points, click on the appropriate link and read on...

(The answers to many of these questions are taken from the Peace Encyclopedia; some information was also obtained from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, as well as from other independent sources, as quoted)

What happened at Sabra and Shatilla? Is Ariel Sharon a war criminal?

What caused the Qana massacre?

What happened at Deir Yassin?

Is Israel illegally occupying the disputed territories?

Are Israel's settlements in the disputed territories illegal?

Is Israel practicing an "apartheid" policy in the disputed territories?

Who are the "Palestinians"? Were they here before the Jews?

What is "Palestine"? Was Israel created at the expense of a Palestinian state?

Who caused the Palestinian refugee problem?

Who is responsible for starting the Six-Day war (1967)?

Were the Arabs justified in attacking Israel on Yom Kippur, 1973?

Did Israel bomb the American ship USS Liberty?

What is Zionism? Is Zionism = racism?

Who is Edward Said... really?

Did Arabs and Jews live together in harmony during the "golden age"?