Arab Terrorism and the
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

What came first: "occupation" of Arab lands by Israel, or Palestinian terrorism? What is "Palestine" and who are "Palestinians"? Is Israel responsible for the worldwide rise in Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, and is Palestinian terrorism justified because of the Israeli "occupation"? Is Israel illegally occupying the disputed territories (the West Bank and Gaza)? Would Islamic terrorism stop if Israel would cease to exist? What is the cause of the "Palestinian" refugee problem? Who is responsible for starting the 1967 six-day war? Is Zionism equivalent to racism? What really happened at Sabra and Shatilla? This website examines these and many other questions, and touches upon other common misconceptions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Arab terrorism.
View a complete list of all the Israeli victims of Palestinian terrorism
since the signing of the Oslo Declaration of Principles in 1993.

Last Updated: July 23, 2010

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