Some readers' reactions to Joseph Farah's
"Myths of the Middle East"

Our Arab brothers

I am excited. A friend and colleague of mine introduced me to your writings at WorldNetDaily. I don't know where you get the courage to write the truth in an atmosphere of hatred and lies, but I congratulate you and support you. Our Arab brothers have been acting like absolute animals. Frankly, it embarrasses me. I'm certain their activities are embarrassing in the eyes of Allah too. I have been witness to numerous protests and solidarity meetings of Arabs and Jews during these recent tumultuous weeks. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems the worldwide Jews are holding relatively peaceful rallies to show solidarity with the Jewish Israelis. Our worldwide Arab brothers, on the other hand, are embarrassing us by burning flags, yelling for Jihad, and engaging in destructive activities. I'm not a great fan of the Israelis and Jews myself but I strive for a co-existence. Is it possible for you to tone down your attacks on our very own people and use your exquisite writing in appeal to our brothers to follow a civilized path? Your writing is clear, concise and compelling; perhaps you can shift gears a little in the name of peace and co-existence. The "pen is mightier than the sword." -Farouk Muhammed

Gutsy Joe

Joseph Farah's got guts. Most journalists cringe in the face of suicide bombers and the use of children as human shields (some of the letters you've received give a very tiny taste of the hate and desperation out there), but be assured, the Arafat apologists in the media will, in time, go the way of the Stalin apologists and the Mao apologists. -Sergio Arana

Joe gets it right

As a Lebanese Christian (as you probably know, many of my Maronite friends would dispute the term "Arab.") I want to thank you for your clear-headed writing on the issue of Palestine and the Palestinians. I have always wondered why the Lebanese Christians could not seem to come to a true alliance with Israel. I am also convinced, based on history, that Christians living in Israel would be immeasurably better off than Christians living under a Muslim-ruled Palestine. And, as you probably know, the presence of Palestinians in Lebanon had much to do with the fomenting of the 15-year civil war there. I was not aware of the myth making that has gone on regarding the Temple Mount and Mohammed's actual presence in Jerusalem. Interesting how such myths become "facts." I also resent Mr. Arafat speaking for Arab Christians. He has no standing to do so, as far as I am concerned. -David L. Nasser


It amazes me to read the posts to editor Joseph Farah's article on what's really going down in Israel. The hatred just seems to spew forth toward anyone who doesn't regurgitate the outright lies and half-truths being put out by the Palestinian Authority and its supporters. The tactics remind me of those being utilized by the sodomites in the U.S. in pushing their agenda to press for coerced support of their sodomite agenda. Anyone who speaks out against these are instantly branded as hate filled bigots, racist, homophobic, etc. It appears to me though that those filled with hate are the one's screeching the loudest while at the same time displaying their disdain for common decency by allowing their children to wage war on their behalf, then having the nerve to cry foul when their children are cut down. Cowards and liars, everyone of them. Mr. Farah, you have put yourself on the line for the truth, and in this day and age that can be dangerous to your health; as it has been written, it appears today, the gullible masses prefer the lie over the truth. I am not one of them. -Elmo

What about Jordan?

I just read through the published e-mail responses to your column and felt the need to add my own two cents, which consists of a hearty clap-clap-clap. As an American Christian who is well aware of the historical facts regarding Israel and her land, I was extremely pleased when I read the column, as were many of my online Middle East-watching fellow Christians. The negative e-mail responses didn't surprise me of course; in fact, I am sure you got many, many more than you published. The thing that always strikes me when reading such responses is that the facts of history are readily available and easily uncovered, yet most people do not bother with accuracy, and that of course includes much of the mainstream media. One of those facts of history is that the original British land mandate gave the "Palestinians" over 80 percent of the land, while the remaining 20 percent went to Israel. So of course there could have been a Palestinian state immediately, but the Arab world chose to fight Israel for every acre instead. As a result of the War of Independence in 1948, Jordan (then Transjordan) occupied much of the Palestinian territories. What never seems to come to light is the fact that in 1950, even over the objections of the rest of the Arab League, Jordan officially claimed that land as her own. In effect the land was overtly stolen from the Palestinians. No wonder the current population of Jordan is fully 60 percent Palestinian. My question to the Arab world would then be, why do we never hear about the land stolen by Jordan from the original Palestinian mandate? Why is there never an outcry for that land to be returned to Palestinians? Instead we hear only of the "occupation" of Israel, who simply desires to live peacefully on a tiny scrap of land she was given in the first place. -Stephanie Kern

And to be fair, here is the negative reaction of one reader to J. Farah's article:

Farah strikes sore nerve

First, I am just wondering how much did you get paid or what were you promised to say this bulls--- and nonsense! The Jews must have paid you really well a--hole. Second, I don't think you have any ties to the Arabic people because you are just a disgrace and insult to the noble Arab people who are full of dignity and pride. You are just a dirty rat and a hired pen for whomever pays the most. Let me give you an advice, a--hole, you better go find who your actual father is, since there is no way you would be a legitimate child of an Arabic man. I guess you have to go back to your mum so that she can tell you who your real father is and trace your dirty origin, which probably would be traced to one of your fellow Jews.

Now I just want to give you some facts and a lesson on history that you absolutely don't have a clue about. Because if you had, you would not be babbling with all this bulls---.

The Jews had never ruled, at their best time, all the land of Palestine as it exists nowadays. The best they did was to have some kind of fragmented kingdom over the inner sides of Palestine, which is now the west bang area. And guess what, they barely lasted for 200-300 years at the most as an established kingdom under the ruling of David and his ancestors. Since then, Jews were scattered all over the Middle East and Europe. They have been kicked out by the Babylonians, Persians, then the Romans. All these civilizations had never lasted in the land of Palestine for long, till the Muslims captured Jerusalem and subsequently all the land of Palestine from the Romans in the 7th century.

Since then, and for the last 1,300 years, the Muslims and Arabs had ruled and had an uninterrupted existence in the land of Palestine in general, and in Jerusalem particularly. The only exception was when the Crusaders captured Jerusalem from the Muslims and Arabs for a period of 90 years, till it was liberated by the famous Muslim leader, Saladin. Throughout these years, there was a very minimal Jewish existence in Jerusalem and surrounding areas and they were living in peace and harmony under the Islamic rule.

Muslim rule of the area continued clear into modern history. The Muslims and Arabs have been living there for the last 1300 years and they are the legal owners of the land before they were forced out of their homes only 50 years ago! And if you insist, you and your fellow Americans should be out of United States which "just 300 years ago was owned and inhabited by another people" and I would encourage the Indian Americans to claim the entire United States as their land because they lived here not a while a go and they were killed to accept the ruling of the new immigrants!

I just want to say that it did not come to surprise me that such an article was published in American media, which, of course, is controlled by the Jews. However, what surprised me is that they managed to have a rat and a hired pen like you that supposedly is from an Arabic origin to say this bulls--- and absolute lies.

As a representative of all Arabic people, I ask you to refrain from associating the word Arabic to American when you talk about your origin because, as I mentioned earlier, that is a disgrace and insult to us.

-Fadi Abuhijleh