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Summary: Arafat supports and funds terrorism

The documents captured by the IDF prove that:

1. Arafat is personally directing and funding terror -- the PA Chairman is in close contact with the Fatah/Tanzim terror infrastructure in Tulkarm, and approves with his signature the allocation of funds to its senior activists.

2. The Fatah/Tanzim terror activities in Tulkarm are part and parcel of the PA strategy and constitutes support and backing for this strategy.

3. The Fatah/Tanzim terror infrastructure in Tulkarm is involved in killing attacks inside Israel (one of the documents clearly states responsibility of the infrastructure activists in the planning and perpetration of the "Hadera Action" -- the killing attack at the Bat-Mitzvah party in Hadera on January 17, 2002, in which six Israeli civilians were killed).

4. There is identity between the Fatah infrastructure and the Tanzim and Al Aqsa Brigades infrastructure. They are all controlled and financed by Arafat and his associates.

5. Marwan Barghuti, the head of the Fatah/Tanzim in the West Bank, directs the Fatah terror infrastructure in Tulkarm and encourages his activists to escalate the terror activities.

6. The terror infrastructure affects the daily life of the Palestinian population. PA funds, instead of being directed to the welfare of the Palestinian population, are directed to terror elements.